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    Enhance your existing video system
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    Improved video is a reality.

Ultimate Long Range Reception

Fly further with Celestial Reach, our products help you go further without having to make sacrifices. Enjoy the performance you always wanted.

Welcome to high performancethe futureprecision

Celestial Reach does not believe in compromise. We strive to offer you the greatest service, products and support.

ClearBoost will greatly improve your video range and quality. Originally designed for use and proven on orbital satellites, we've spent years perfecting and adapting the design for FPV pilots and Commercial UAS operators who don't settle for second best.

The first booster specifically designed for 5.8GHz aerial video reception gives your receiver an incredible 13dB signal gain, as well as containing high quality filtering.

Push your current hardware further

Whether you fly for fun or professionally - you'll appreciate the improved video performance of your exisiting hardware.

Amazing performance addon

  • Connect directly to 2-4S LiPo battery, or 5-6V regulator
  • Works with any 5.8GHz video receiver
  • Internal filtering improves your video at any range
  • Perfect for micro copters with small video transmitters
  • The same gain as adding a directional antenna
  • Hassle free support, for life

Purchase ClearBoost

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We Are Dedicated To Our Customers & Product

We thrive on making Celestial Reach the highest quality FPV and Unmanned Systems supplier.

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