ClearBoost Kickstarter Surveys

As part of your Kickstarter survey, you need to select what type of connector you wish to receive with your ClearBoost. Unless you pledged extra, you will receive one connector with your ClearBoost, so we want to be sure you get the right one. If you did pledge extra for more connectors, we'll send you a message a couple of days after you receive your survey to confirm your extra options.

Receiver Antenna Connector Type

ClearBoost uses an adapter to connect to your receiver, which makes it compatible with both SMA and RP-SMA connectors. To connect your receiver correctly, you need to make sure you use the right one. Using an RP-SMA connector with an SMA receiver will give you no electrical connection from ClearBoost to your receiver (meaning terrible received signal), and an SMA connector with an RP-SMA receiver will not plug in at all.

SMA Connector

An SMA Connector has a hole in the middle of the white Teflon plastic on your antenna jack.

SMA Connector

RP-SMA Connector

On an RP-SMA reciever, the antenna connector will have a pin in the middle of the white Teflon plastic in the antenna jack.

RP-SMA Connector

ClearBoost Adapter Type

As mentioned above, ClearBoost uses an adapter between the ClearBoost and your receiver. We have these available in two formats to best suit your requirements.

Right-Angle Connector

The right angle connector is perfect for installations where your receiver is horizontal and you would like to have your antenna vertical. FatShark goggles are the obvious use for these connectors, however custom ground stations might require this as well.

Right Angle SMA Connector

Straight Connector

We're guessing that most non-goggle users will be interested in the straight connectors. For most people who have their receivers mounted in a case, or on a pole with the antenna connector mounted straight up.

Right Angle SMA Connector

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