Standalone Kickstarter Rewards for ClearBoost

If you already have 5.8GHz FPV or Video downlink equipment and are looking to extend your flight capabilities by adding ClearBoost you can back us and receive a ClearBoost by itself without anything extra. If you're need video transmitters and receivers or a full FPV/Video setup then check the FPV Set Rewards instead.

Receive ClearBoost Cheaper than Retail

Our post-Kickstarter retail price will be US$68.99, or around CA$93.15.
By backing us on Kickstarter, you will receive your ClearBoost first, as well as receiving an excellent price!

All backers who pledge above the CA$5 level receive

  • One or more ClearBoost depending on the reward level.
  • One Connector per ClearBoost. Connectors are what allow you to plug the ClearBoost into your receiver. They are available in straight or right angle versions for either SMA or RP-SMA receivers. If you need more than one Connector, you can pledge an extra CA$7 per Connector or CA$17 to receive a full set of 4 Connectors.
  • One power cable. Backers from the first two weeks will have the option to help determine what form this cable takes, and how it terminates.
  • You'll also be mentioned on the Backer List page we create here on our website. We can list your real name, nickname, company or you may choose not to be listed at all.

All our reward levels come with free shipping, anywhere in the world

No added costs, no matter where you live. Basic airmail shipping is included in your reward.
Want ClearBoost faster? You can pledge extra for express or courier shipping - Contact Us for pricing.


CA$65 Approx US$48.30

  • First 30 backers only!
  • Best Price Available!
  • First to ship
  • ClearBoost FPV/Drone Video Amplifier
    One ClearBoost
  • ClearBoost Connector
    One Connector of your choice
  • ClearBoost Power Cable
    One Power Cable


CA$149 Approx US$110.40

  • Kickstarter Only Price
  • Perfect for Diversity Systems
  • ClearBoost FPV/Drone Video Amplifier
    Two ClearBoosts
  • ClearBoost Connector
    Two Connectors of your choice
  • ClearBoost Power Cable
    Two Power Cables


CA$665 Approx US$492.80

  • Intended for stores/clubs
  • 40% Markup for retail
  • ClearBoost FPV/Drone Video Amplifier
    Ten ClearBoosts
  • ClearBoost Connector
    Ten Connectors of your choice
  • ClearBoost Power Cable
    Ten Power Cables

Connector Options

After the funding period of the Kickstarter campaign is completed, you will be sent a survey to select the types of connector you wish you receive. Whether you need RP-SMA or SMA connectors will depend on your receiver. We will send more information on this to help you make the right choice with the survey.

For goggle use, we recommend a right angle connector, for typical ground station use a straight connector tends to work best.

Straight ClearBoost Connector

Straight Connector

  • Available in RP-SMA or SMA receivers.
  • Rated for 8GHz operation.
  • Mounts ClearBoost inline with your receiver
Right Angle ClearBoost Connector

Right-Angle Connector

  • Available in RP-SMA or SMA receivers.
  • Rated for 8GHz operation.
  • Mounts ClearBoost at a right angle to your receiver

Need extra connectors?

If you have more than one receiver type, you might need more than one connector.
Pledge an extra CA$7 with your reward to receive an extra connector, or pledge an extra CA$17 to receive a full set of all the connector options.

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