ClearBoost Ultimate Backer Adventure Day

For our top tier Kickstarter reward, we were keen to offer something a little bit different to your run of the mill reward. We came up with the "Ultimate Adventure Day", which can also be spent over the course of a weekend of a pair of days during the week, if you prefer.

Join us in Calgary, Alberta, home of the Calgary Stampede for an adventure to remember. In addition, as part of this package you will receive two ClearBoost units (as found in the Wingman Reward).

Your Morning Options

Learn To Fly

Take a one hour discovery flight with us at a respected local flight school. We start the day in the classroom where you will familiarize yourself with the cockpit and learn how the aircraft works. Following this we head to the safety briefing and then to flight. You'll even have the opportunity to fly the aircraft yourself.

Fixed Wing

You'll learn to fly a Cessna airplane.


You'll learn to fly a Robinson helicopter.

Flight Tour

Start the day with a scenic tour of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Fixed Wing

One hour sight seeing trip, viewing several glaciers to the west of the Columbia River in the Purcell mountain range, including Panorama ski hill and the Bugaboo spires.


One hour sight seeing trip that includes filming sites for some popular Hollywood movies, viewing the foothills and flying over the Kananaskis Lodge, and the Nakiska Ski Area.

Hot Air Balloon

Experience the excitement of watching a 7-storey high rainbow balloon inflate and come to life, then settle into the flight gondola, to watch the sunrise as you slowly drift up and away from the earth. Only the occasional burst of heat from the balloon’s burners break the morning stillness. The famous Calgary skyline appears, and you are getting to see it like never before..

You’ll celebrate the launch with the traditional Champagne toast, and indulge in the historic balloon brunch of cheeses, muffins, and special breads and juices. It’s a nod to how the original French aviators finished their flights.

All flight options are weather permitting. Should the weather not cooperate we'll re-schedule for another day, or if you have limited time/availability schedule another activity based on your interests.

Trail Ride

If you're not so keen on flying the skies, then this wilderness adventure offers you the perfect opportunity to relax and reconnect with nature – in true western form.

Explore stunning sections of wilderness on the two-hour trip, providing a chance to spot wildlife that you might not get to see while on foot. Plus the experienced guides will teach you a few cowboy tricks along the way.

Only available May to October

Lunch Time

If you choose to take the scenic trail ride, you'll have the option of a BBQ lunch at a mountain cabin (making it a three hour trail ride), or the standard lunch below.

For all other options, we'll head to the city centre for lunch at the famous Sky360 Restaurant and Lounge located at the top of the Calgary Tower. There isn’t a better restaurant view of the city, and you'll have access to the Observation Deck above the restaurant, to have a 360 degree view of the city from above.

The Sky 360 menu takes culinary inspiration from international cultures while maintaining a fresh & local ingredient base. Prepared through contemporary French techniques, this menu takes international cuisine to the next level.

Your Afternoon Options

Target Shooting

We'll head to an indoor shooting range, where no experience or license is required. The range's expert staff provide full supervision and training. They have a large seleection of rental handguns and rifles, we have budgeted for you to shoot:

  • 50 rounds of 9mm (from your choice of handgun)
  • 50 rounds of .45ACP (from your choice of handgun)
  • 20 rounds of .223 Remington (from your choice of rifle)
  • 20 rounds of 7.62x39mm (from your choice of rifle)

You'll also get a set of targets you can take home, choose from the standard sillouhette or some fun ones like zombies, clowns, and quickdraw cowboys.

Indoor Archery

If firearms are not your thing, how about getting medieval? We will take you to the world’s biggest indoor archery range! No experience needed. Rental equipment and an accredited coach to show you the ropes are included, if you're just getting started. Choose from Recurve or Compound bows.

Go Kart Racing

We'll make our way to Calgary's premier indoor race facility with electric powered ProKarts. We battle it out with you for the best of three 14 lap races. You'll receive a race printout of all your lap times. Safety equipment included.

You might be noticing by now, that you can do pretty much any outdoor activity indoors in Calgary! With the cold winters, the fun doesn't have to stop because of the weather.

Be a Tourist

Come to Calgary and act like a tourist, we'll take you to the Calgary Zoo which includes botanical gardens and a prehistoric park.

Following our trip to the Zoo, we're off to the Telus Spark Science Centre, where you can see live science demonstrations, planetarium shows.

Finally, we'll go watch your choice of movie on a giant IMAX screen.

1.5Hr Therapeutic Massage

Or choose instead to relax with a long therapeutic all-body massage by a registered massage therapist. Loosen all your tense muscles, unwind, and finish the day feeling amazing.

Evening Dining

For dinner, we have selected Caesars Steakhouse and Lounge in Downtown, due to their excellent service and food. Captivating diners since 1972, Caesar's is undeniably old school. In rich surroundings of burgundy leather, golden hues, dark wood finishes and an open flame grill that evoke a sense of nostalgia, the setting is not the only thing that defines Caesar's, but rather a complete experience.

They serve the best aged, individually cut to order and charbroiled beef that Alberta has to offer paired with accompaniments to match any Emperor's feast. Paired with classic cocktails, a Wine Spectator award of excellence wine list, and the art of service including table side food preparations – a memorable night is assured.

Travel to and accommodation in Calgary, AB not included. We can arrange transport from Calgary Airport (YYC) if required. Pledge is for one person only, please contact us for costs if you'd like to bring a friend or partner - not all activities are suitable for an an extra person.

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