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No. Do not try this. Ever. ClearBoost has a relatively low maximum input and output power - very far below what your transmitter outputs, even the little 25mW transmitters. ClearBoost is designed to work with a signal received by an antenna only. Connecting ClearBoost to a video transmitter will destroy it, a very best case outcome would be severely degraded performance.

Again: No - do not connect your ClearBoost to a transmitter. Ever.

Yes, we have a fairly comprehensive power filter on ClearBoost input which should remove the noise that most ground stations inject into the power line. However, if you have an antenna tracker with large servos you may way to consider powering your you receiver(s) and ClearBoost(s) from a separate battery. This is good practice whether you have ClearBoost or not, as servos can generate quite a bit of electrical noise which may affect the quality of your received signal.
Absolutely, any antenna with an SMA connector is completely compatible with ClearBoost. If your directional antenna has a different type of connector on it (including RP-SMA), you will need an adapter for it.

If you use a regular 5.8GHz reciever (not digital HD/1080p/4K), then it will work perfectly and offer you improved range and signal quality.

These systems include, but are not limited to:

  • DJI AVL58 (but not Lightbridge)
  • All ImmersionRC/Fat Shark generations, including NexwaveRF and Raceband
  • Team Black Sheep
  • Boscam
  • Skyzone
  • Aomway
  • Iftron Yellow Jacket
  • Monitors with built in receivers, including those with DVR capability.

Basically, if you paid under US$1000 for your receiver, you have an analogue reciever and the LNA is completely compatible with it.

ClearBoost comes with an adapter for SMA or RP-SMA receivers, you will need to know which one you have when you purchase from us/your local store. A receiver antenna connection with a hole in the middle is SMA, and one with a pin in the centre is RP-SMA.

Cinematography level commercial systems like those made by Paralynx, Teradex, DJI (Lightbridge) or other extremely high quality HD/Digital/4K links, are almost certainly not compatible. These systems use bi-directional data, and ClearBoost will block data going out to the video transmitter. ClearBoost is receive only, and will strongly block any signal going the "wrong way" through ClearBoost. There is not much we can do for these systems, as we do not know when they are in a transmit or receive state.

The technical answer to this is quite complex, however it is really fairly simple. An RF amplifier works an awful lot like an audio amplifier - and ClearBoost is set to 13 on the volume dial. A weak radio signal comes in through your antenna, ClearBoost increases its strength and then passes it on to your receiver. The receiver now has a stronger signal to work with and is able to give you a better video signal.

This is a very tricky question to answer. Without having done a site survey at your location, it's impossible for us to tell. Typically though, two to four times the range should be expected. Its approximately the same amount of range increase as switching from an omni-directional antenna to a helical/patch antenna, however without the beam width reduction. In our testing we typically saw 2-4 times the range. For example, a regular antenna/receiver would start to have terrible signal at 1.5km when flying under 300ft. With ClearBoost installed we managed to fly to 5km whist staying under 300ft altitude before the signal was too bad - this was the same flight, and same video transmitter, with our side by side ground station.

If you have a high power 5-6GHz interference source close by, it's interference will be the same relative to your signal, so you may not see a lot of improvement in this case. For most people however, the primary reason for losing their signal/getting static is due to low signal levels reaching the receiver and ClearBoost will certainly help with that. If you have a strong interference source near by, a directional antenna pointed away from it is a very good choice, and ClearBoost is perfectly compatible with this setup.

We have a complete technical datasheet in the downloads section for ClearBoost. In it, you will find technical specifications as well as results of testing in a third party lab.

To add a power LED or light to ClearBoost, we would have to make a hole in the enclosure for the LED or light pipe to stick through. For optimal RF performance, we do not want any external signal able to get inside the enclosure, so a hole for LED is out, as we cannot shield it.

The power jack and SMA connectors are shielded, and sit directly against the edge of the case to maintain a tight seal against unwanted RF interference. An unshielded power jack is a fraction of the cost of the shielded ones, however we want to maintain the best performance and signal quality possible.

Sorry, but it will not. Other than being completely unmatched for these frequencies, we have a strong filter on the input to ClearBoost that will strongly reject any signals not in the 5000MHz to 6000MHz range.

We are planning to make a 1.2GHz LNA for extreme range pilots, however we do not have an estimate of when this will be available. If you'd like to let us know that you are interested, or would like to be keep up to date on it's progress we would love to hear from you on our contact page.

Yes. ClearBoost has a SMA connector on the antenna input, so as long as you have an SMA antenna, or an adapter to SMA then you will be able to use your antenna with ClearBoost. RP-SMA antennas will need an adapter. 

An RP-SMA antenna connector has a hole in the centre, and an SMA antenna connector has a pin in the centre.

SMA Compared to RP-SMA

If you are an international (ie: not shipping within Canada) backer, we must declare the value of the goods entering into your country so you can pay taxes and duties on the goods. We realise some countries have very low customs limits, Canada is one of them with a $20 limit so we do feel your pain. Unfortunately, a customs form is a legal document and we would be breaking federal laws in both our country and yours to do this for you. We are not willing to break the law. Sorry.

If you do not want to pay customs on your shipment, please encourage your local favourite RC/FPV/Drone store to stock our products.

All rewards will be sent in the order they were pledged, with the exception of the early bird reward tier which will be sent before all others. If you were not able to back us for an early bird reward, then you may be interested in express postage. Please contact us for pricing via EMS or DHL. We will also accept your FedEx, Purolator, DHL or UPS shipping account number. You can either pledge the extra amount during the Kickstarter funding period, or send it via PayPal after the funding period has ended.

If you need your ClearBoost for a specific commercial, research or educational project with a deadline, please contact us to see what we might be able to do for you. We can't make any guarantees however.

The free shipping included with the reward is basic Canada Post Air Mail with tracking.

If you require a higher level of postage, tracking or insurance, or wish to use an express courier for your ClearBoost then please contact us for a quote - we would love to help you out. If you have your own express courier account, we can also send your reward on your account.

Most certainly! Once the Kickstarter campaign has ended, and we are manufacturing the ClearBoost we will be setting up a full support ticketing system to ensure we can take care of all customer queries as efficiently as possible. Our backers customers are our best asset and we want to look after you!

We are already working full time at Celestial Reach, we are not an operation that is run on the side of other employment. In addition to ClearBoost our main income is from design and service contracts with commercial, research, government and defense organisations around the world. We understand the need for an excellent level of post-sale support.

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